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Ar E-Card

Members can select e-cards to be sent to friends or special acquaintances with no service fees.  Just apply for Ar membership.  If you have not applied for membership yet, please register first.
E-card Sending Methods
1. Select e-cards for special occasions and choose the date-time you would like to have the e-card sent. 
2. Enter the names and e-mail addresses of the recipient and sender.
3. Type your message in the space provided.
4. Click “preview and send” to view the e-card before sending.
5. When finished, click “send” and your special someone will receive a beautiful e-card from you.
6. If you would like to send one card to several people, enter the e-mail addresses separated by punctuation as in the following example:,


  • Send E-card  Take-Care


  • Send E-card  HBD


  • Send E-card  Get-Well-Soon


  • Send E-card  Congratulations


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