About us

Ar Cosmetics

Products copyrighted by A and C Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

We select only quality cosmetics at every step of the production process.



Ar begins with research geared at production efficiency, attractive package designs, convenient use, easy storage and modern production processes.  We select everything that goes into Ar cosmetics with safety and efficiency in mind, so AR products are widely accepted for meeting standards.  Ar has also been accredited with GMP standards (GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE FOR COSMETICS) by the Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health, and is proud to have been named “THAILAND'S BRAND” by the Department of Export Promotion.


We dare to guarantee efficiency at affordable prices, so you enjoy value, safety and satisfaction every time you use AR cosmetics under our slogan,


 “Smart Buys, Smart Beauty with AR” 





We support beauty fitting the daily lifestyles of every family.  To keep our customers happy and satisfied, we emphasize developing quality products at low prices.  We are firmly committed to offering income opportunities and ready to offer our members exceptional profits with care, honesty and good business ethics.




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